There are photographers... and then there is me. Donatella Versace once said "creativity comes from a conflict of ideas." As a photographer I capture images, as an artist I create something more from that once organic moment. The creativity is where your heart & soul become part of your finished work. While photographs capture the moment in time, it is the creativity that will breath life, vibrance & love into the image.

Richie Smith Jr (aka Lenzwizard) is a photographer and Photoshop composite artist that hails out of the West side of Central New Jersey in the green hills of Hunterdon County where he was born and raised. As a child growing up he spent time living in the inner city of Canton, Ohio and later spending several years in the very rural Scott County, in the southwestern part of Virginia. Then returning and settling back to Hunterdon County. He also has a home with his wife in North Central Thailand.
Today he is an active photographer all around the NJ, NYC & Philly area. Well known for his Photoshop composite work he can most times be found out shooting with models or musicians in the Philadelphia/Lehigh Valley area. While portrait work is a mainstay of his business, making dramatic composites using state of the art Adobe Photoshop is a long time and ever changing passion. Always keeping current with industry changes he is a longtime member of NAPP (National Assoc. Photoshop Professionals). He is a true believer that “the learning process never ends.”
When not out shooting in the tri-state area he can be found 10,000 miles away trekking around Southeast Asia with a passion for capturing everyday life in a Thai village or just wandering the farmlands.

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